Good Dispensing Practice – High Tech Scheme

The purpose of this guidance is to assist pharmacists in meeting their legal and professional requirements when dispensing medicines under the High Tech Scheme.

Good Dispensing Practice – High Tech Scheme pdf cover

The management of the supply of medicinal products under the High Tech Scheme by a pharmacist from a pharmacy requires specific and particular care. The pharmacist plays a critical role in partnership with the patient in the management of health status and the use of medicinal products.   

When dispensing any medicine, patient care is the primary responsibility of the pharmacist. The dispensed medicine should be assembled, checked and recorded in a diligent and careful manner and supplied to the patient or their carer while ensuring they have sufficient and correct information regarding the proper use and storage of the medicine.  

Patients receiving care and treatment under the High Tech Scheme have complex medical and health needs, and management frequently involves vital treatment regimens with novel and/or toxic medicines