Guidelines on the Equipment Requirements of a Retail Pharmacy Business

These guidelines detail the equipment needed for the safe and effective dispensing of medicines, including extemporaneously prepared medicines. It also details the reference materials that must be present and the requirements that must be met for the controlled drugs safe/cabinet.

Guidelines on the Equipment Requirements of a Retail Pharmacy Business PDF cover

The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate compliance with the requirements of the Pharmacy Act 2007 and the Regulation of Retail Pharmacy Businesses Regulations 2008 in relation to the equipment that is to be used for operating a retail pharmacy business, commonly referred to as a pharmacy.

These guidelines are intended to assist pharmacy owners (those applying to open a pharmacy and owners of existing pharmacies), as well as superintendent and supervising pharmacists in the delivery of pharmacy services using equipment that is fit for purpose and well maintained, and to ensure that the required governance arrangements are in place at all times so as to adequately protect and promote the health and safety of the public.

These guidelines outline the minimum requirements relating to the equipment needed for all existing pharmacies as well as for planned new pharmacy openings. Pharmacy owners and their superintendent and supervising pharmacists are required to conduct the retail pharmacy business in compliance with these guidelines and must ensure that these minimum standards are met.