Medicine Therapy Review, Counselling and Prescription Extension

These guidelines provide a principles-based outline of the responsibilities of all registered pharmacists, including those in pharmacy governance roles, regarding medicine therapy review, counselling, and extending the validity of prescriptions.

Front Cover of the PSI Guidelines to support Medicines Therapy review

When reviewing medicine therapy, counselling or extending the validity of prescriptions at the end of a six-month period, pharmacists optimise patient outcomes and improve medication safety when they: 

  • collaborate with each other, patients, and other healthcare professionals, 
  • adhere to established guidance and procedures, 
  • apply their professional judgement and are guided by the principles in the PSI Code of Conduct

Guiding Principles for medicine therapy review, counselling and prescription extension 

The Guidelines set out six guiding principles, which, when followed, support the consistent delivery of safe and high-quality person-centred care regarding medicines therapy review, counselling, and prescription extension. Pharmacists also need to consider all relevant legislation and the PSI Code of Conduct when applying these principles. 

Empowering pharmacists through flexibility 

The guidelines are intended to be supportive and enabling rather than overly prescriptive, offering flexibility for implementation. This approach demonstrates confidence in pharmacists to use their knowledge, skills and expertise to make well informed decisions and adapt their practices to the specific needs and circumstances they encounter in their day-to-day practice. 

Understanding and implementing the Guidelines 

It is important that all relevant members of the pharmacy team are familiar with the Guidelines and understand how they are implemented within the pharmacy. 

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