Non-Prescription Medicinal Products Containing Codeine: Guidance for Pharmacists on Safe Supply to Patients

The purpose of this guidance is to improve patient safety in the use of non-prescription medicinal products containing codeine by ensuring the safe supply of codeine medicines by pharmacists.

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This guidance aims to assist pharmacists in complying with legal and professional obligations when supplying non-prescription medicinal products containing codeine.

Key guidance points

  • Supply Conditions: Codeine medicines should only be supplied, when necessary, under a pharmacist’s supervision, and not for self-selection by the public.
  • Usage: If recommended, codeine medicines should be used for the shortest time possible and for no longer than three days without medical supervision
  • Patient Counselling: Pharmacists must counsel patients on the appropriate use, side effects, as well as the risks associated with overdose and/or prolonged use of codeine medicines.
  • Storage and Management: Codeine medicines must be stored out of public sight in an area of the pharmacy which is not accessible to the public for self-selection. The recommended location is in the dispensary under the pharmacist’s direct supervision.
  • Advertising Prohibition: Any form of advertising of codeine medicines to the public, including window displays and in-pharmacy promotions, is prohibited.

The HSE Helpline, freephone 1800 459459 provides a confidential support and information service to people seeking information or assistance with problems related to drug misuse, and also maintains a nationwide database of services.

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