PSI Guidance on Pharmacy Governance Roles

This guidance provides a principle-based outline of the governance responsibilities of the pharmacy owner, superintendent pharmacist, supervising pharmacist, and all pharmacists involved in the operation of a retail pharmacy business.

PSI Guidance on Pharmacy Governance Roles pdf cover

Effective governance in pharmacy is crucial for maintaining high standards of practice and ensuring patient safety.  

There are three statutory governance roles defined by the Pharmacy Act 2007 (as amended):   

  1. Pharmacy Owner  
  2. Superintendent Pharmacist    
  3. Supervising Pharmacist  

In addition to the statutory governance roles, the Pharmacy Act and associated regulations require each pharmacy to have a registered pharmacist at the pharmacy to supervise the sale and supply of medicines. Therefore, all pharmacists working in a retail pharmacy business are considered to have responsibilities in relation to pharmacy governance.  

The PSI developed Guidance on Pharmacy Governance Roles to support compliance and provide clarity on pharmacy governance roles.

For further guidance on this area, please see our Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacists section.