Learning from Complaints

The PSI's Preliminary Proceedings Committee considers complaints made to the PSI. Below, we present the Annual Reports of the PPC. These present valuable learning opportunities for registrants.

When the Preliminary Proceedings Committee (PPC) has reviewed the information relating to a complaint, it advises the Council of the PSI what steps may need to be taken to address the matter. The PPC may decide there is a case for further action and refer the complaint to either a Committee of Inquiry or to mediation, or it may decide there is insufficient cause to take further action. 

Each year the Committee provides an overview report of the complaints it has received throughout the year along with its observations on the matters that have arisen.  

All registrants should consider how they can use the learnings contained in these reports to review and improve their own practice. In order to minimise the risk of these errors being repeated, superintendent and supervising pharmacists should use these observations and learnings to review relevant policies and procedures in their pharmacies, and confirm they are being consistently applied.