Continued Registration

To renew a pharmacy’s registration, a pharmacy owner must submit a valid continued registration application to the PSI annually.

An application is deemed valid when submitted through the PSI online registration portal and the associated fee is paid.  

Only individuals who have the requisite authority to act on behalf of the pharmacy ownership may complete continued registration and associated declarations. Where a pharmacy is owned by a company or another type of corporate body as defined in the Companies Act 2014, continued registration must be completed by the Company Secretary, a Director, or another person legally authorised to act on behalf of the pharmacy ownership.

The Continued Registration application for a Retail Pharmacy Business must be submitted through the PSI online registration portal. This portal is accessible 24/7 and includes instructions and informational videos to guide you through the process. 

You will need: 

  1. Your login credentials for the registration portal (email and password)
  2. Access to a phone number used for two-factor authentication

The process of continued registration for a pharmacy involves adhering to specific timelines to ensure timely submission, thereby avoiding late fees and the potential removal from the Register of Retail Pharmacy Businesses. All pharmacies are subject to the same timelines and the pharmacy owners should be familiar with them. The PSI registration portal automatically applies these timelines and issues corresponding notifications accordingly. Pharmacy owners will receive corresponding notifications via email from the PSI. Please ensure to check your spam folder. The timelines are outlined below.

Submission window

The application submission window opens 60 days before the certificate expiry date. This allows the pharmacy owner to submit a continued registration application on the PSI portal 60 days prior to the certificate expiry date. An application for continued registration cannot be submitted before this deadline. 

When is a late fee applied?

Continued Registration applications submitted less than 30 days before the registration expiry date are subject to the payment of a late fee, in addition to the standard fee due for continued registration. Once late fee has been applied it cannot be removed and the application cannot be processed until the required fee is paid. To avoid the late fee being applied, it is essential that the application is submitted before the deadline. 

Removal from the Register

Failure to submit the necessary continued registration application by the expiry date of the current registration certificate will initiate the cancellation process and removal from the Register of Retail Pharmacy Businesses. 

During the online application process, at the final step, you will find instructions on how to complete the payment including the amount to be paid. Payment can be made online using a credit/debit card or through an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/Bank Transfer.  

If you choose to pay by a bank transfer, the Fee Demand Notice (FDN) details will be available to download. This document will include the unique FDN number to be used as a reference, the PSI's bank details and the amount required be paid.  

If you do not include the FDN in the payment reference, you must send an email to with the application number and payment details to prevent any delays in processing your submitted application. For further information please visit our PSI fees page

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