Cancelling Your Registration

If you do not wish to continue your registration, you can apply to voluntarily cancel your registration. 

If you no longer wish to be registered with the PSI, or are considering a career break, or moving abroad or retiring, you can voluntarily cancel your registration on the PSI online registration portal.

Please note that once an application to cancel your registration is submitted, you will be removed from the PSI Register with immediate effect.   

Log on to your account on the portal and select ‘Voluntary Cancellation’. 

It is important to note that under Section 59 of the Pharmacy Act, you may not be able to voluntarily cancel your registration if a complaint has been made against you under Part 6 of the Pharmacy Act 2007 and remains outstanding. 

If you decide to let your registration “expire” and choose not to pay your continued registration fee, you will be involuntarily removed from the register and subject to a higher fee if/when you decide to rejoin the register.   

Information about returning to the register can be found on our Restoring You Registration page.