Certificates of Confirmation of Qualification and/or Current Professional Status

If you have been registered with the PSI and are applying for registration in another country, you may need a Certificate of Confirmation of Qualification and/or Current Professional Status to be sent on your behalf to a relevant authority by the PSI.

Pharmacists applying for registration to practise in another country or for restoration to a competent authority must apply to the PSI to have a certificate of current professional status (‘good standing’) issued. If the qualification as a pharmacist was completed in Ireland, a certificate of confirmation of qualification can also be required. The PSI issues one certificate that covers both, where applicable.

We will send the certificate of current professional status and confirmation of qualification (CCPS) on the pharmacist’s behalf directly to the relevant registration authority. We will also provide pharmacists with a copy by email of the certificate of current professional status when issued. 

If you are currently a registered pharmacist in Ireland you can make an application for a CCPS and pay the fee through your account online on the PSI Registration Portal. Please log on to your account and select ‘Certificate of Current Professional Status’. You should also complete the application form and send it to registration@psi.ie with the subject line CCPS and your registration number. 

If you were previously registered with the PSI but do not currently have access to your account on our Registration Portal please email us at registration@psi.ie and include ‘Certificate of Current Professional Status’ in the subject line and provide your name and registration number and a copy of the completed application form.

Please note that certificates issued to competent authorities outside of the EU/EEA, must be accompanied by two signed and dated photographs of the applicant. These must be emailed to registration@psi.ie  

Certificates are generally issued within a month of receipt of the application to the PSI.