Certificates of Registration

You will receive a certificate of registration when your application for registration or application for continued registration has been processed.

We send a hard copy of the certificate of registration by post to the registrant’s address as listed on the PSI online registration portal once applications for first time registration or applications for continued registration are approved. Note that certificates will only be issued if the photograph is compliant with the standards as listed on the portal. 

You will usually receive the certificate within 30 business days. 

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants can download a copy of the certificate from their account on the PSI online registration portal. Select ‘My Registration’ on the top section of the portal and download the certificate for the appropriate year. 

Under law, it is an offence to give the certificate to another person with the intention that it be used to give the impression that it is theirs or to allow another person to use this certificate in that way. 

Return of Certificate on Ending of Registration

Registrants who end their registration before the date of expiry of the certificate, should return the hard copy certificate to the PSI by post within 14 days of the end date.

Supervising Pharmacists

Supervising pharmacists must always display their original hard copy certificate of registration (as well as that of the registered retail pharmacy business) at the registered premises.


A certificate of registration bears the photograph of the pharmacist or pharmaceutical assistant that is uploaded to the registrant's account on the PSI’s online registration portal.  

Photographs must be no older than 10 years. 

You can change the photograph in your account on the portal, by selecting ‘Your Profile’ and then ‘Update Profile Image’. The standards for photographs are also displayed here. 

Procedure for the re-issue of Registration Certificates

If the original certificate has been lost, destroyed or stolen you can apply for the re-issue of a registration certificate in the PSI online registration portal. Please log into your account on the portal and select 'Replacement Certificate of Registration', complete the application and pay the associated fee. The certificate will be sent by post to your address as listed on your account on the PSI online registration portal. You can expect to receive the certificate within 30 business days.   

A member of the Registrant and Customer Relations Team can be contacted by email at info@psi.ie  if you have any queries.