PSI Newsletter

PSI Newsletter November & December 2012

  • Paediatric Dispensing Errors
  • Reminder of PSI Position on Electronic Cigarettes
  • PSI Inspectors Advice on Animal Remedies (Part 3)
  • PSI Podcasts: PSI Inspections and Pharmacist Role in Care of Residential Care/Nursing Home Patients
  • IMB Notice on Black Cohosh

PSI Newsletter October 2012

  • National Forum Update
  • PSI Inspectors Advice on Animal Remedies (Part 2)
  • Notification pursuant to section 57 (i) of the Pharmacy Act 2007

PSI Newsletter September 2012

  • Fitness-to-Practise Observations
  • PSI Premises and Equipment Guidelines
  • Note on Extemporaneous Preparation
  • Vaccination Training Update

PSI Newsletter July & August 2012

  • Flu Vaccinations 2012-13 Update
  • Methadone Guidance
  • Continued Registration

PSI Newsletter June 2012

  • Revised Methotrexate Guidance
  • PSI Inspectors Advice on Animal Remedies (Part 1)
  • Guidance on non-Rx Curanail
  • IMB Communication on Metoject
  • CPD Opportunities

PSI Newsletter May 2012

  • Emergency Contraception Guidance Update
  • National Cancer Control Programme Advice on home test PSA kits
  • PSI Inspectors Advice on Emergency Supply
  • CD Prescriptions - vigilance required
  • Medicine Price Listing Clarification
  • PSI Public Consultation: Premises and Equipment Guidelines
  • Palliative Meds Info Newsletter
  • CPD Opportunities

PSI Newsletter April 2012

A newsletter special focusing on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the Irish Institute of Pharmacy: FAQs answered, providing an understanding of the Institute and its role; who will provide CPD courses; an outline of the new system of CPD for pharmacists in Ireland and how CPD will be assessed.

PSI Newsletter March 2012

  • New PSI Headquarters
  • Advice on Managing Medicines Shortages
  • PSI Consultations 2012 

PSI Newsletter February 2012

  • PSI Inspectors Advice on CD Compliance Issues
  • PSI/ICCPE consultation skills training day
  • Palliative Medicines Information Service
  • FIP 2012

PSI Newsletter January 2012

  • Managing Risks with Transcribed Prescriptions
  • PSI Registration Update
  • CD Registers / Steroid and MAOI Cards
  • New Online System for Hazardous Waste Forms
  • IMB Update on Herbal Medicines

PSI Newsletter December 2011

  • PSI Guidance on Methadone 
  • High Tech Medicines Reminder
  • Superintendent Pharmacist Film
  • New CD Registers/Changes to PSI supply of booklets
  • Revised BNF Wording on Cautionary Labels/Aspirin Warning
  • IMB Drug Safety Newsletter December 2011