Annual Report 2017

The Annual Report and Financial Statements highlight the work and achievements of PSI-The Pharmacy Regulator the PSI in 2017. The PSI's Corporate Strategy 2013-2017 guided our activities and priorities and the Annual Report for 2017 reflects progress on achieving the PSI's objectives in the final year of that Strategy.

Developments during the year included:

  • A review of the Code of Conduct commenced, which will help us consider if the Code is fulfilling its required function for patients, the public and pharmacists, as well as from a regulatory perspective.
  • The development of the Corporate Strategy 2018-2020, which outlines our objectives and work programmes for the next three years.
  • Publication of guidance on the safe prescribing and dispensing of controlled drugs, which was produced jointly with the Medical Council.
  • Roll-out of the Pharmacy Assessment System with accompanying visits to all pharmacies to support its implementation as a compliance audit and improvement tool.

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PSI key achievements in 2017