Annual Report 2021

Front cover of the PSI's 2021 Annual ReportThe Annual Report and Financial Statements highlight the work and achievements of the PSI in 2021 as we carry out our role to assure public trust in pharmacy through effective regulation.

This detailed report, including the audited financial statements, overviews how we progressed all aspects of our statutory responsibilities and the second year of our Corporate Strategy 2021-2023. It demonstrates significant work conducted in 2021, despite the challenges of COVID-19, its related workload and remote working. It documents the projects and organisation changes we instigated, and significant engagement with a variety of our stakeholders.

The report is set out in four parts:

  • Introductions and highlights of 2021
  • Results and activity, incorporating our response to COVID-19
  • Governance and accountability, including our Audit and Risk Committee report and risk management report
  • Financial statements

Some key activities for PSI during 2021 included:

  • Significant work to facilitate pharmacy participation in the national COVID-19 vaccination programme.
  • Management of the registration of 6,846 pharmacists, 254 pharmaceutical assistants and 1,981 pharmacies as part of PSI’s regulatory remit to assure public trust in the standard of pharmacy care and services.
  • Launch of a new registration portal for PSI applicants and registrants as the first phase of an ongoing digital transformation programme.
  • Implementation of the amended qualification recognition and registration process for applicants with qualifications obtained in the United Kingdom, as a result of the UK’s departure from the European Union.
  • Implementing a new organisation structure to improve organisational capacity, planning and delivery.
  • Reviewing 120 expressions of concerns, as well as eighty formal complaints during the year, with 25 complaints during the period referred for further action.
  • Responding to 607 pharmacy practice related queries from pharmacists and members of the public and implementing appropriate follow-up actions to deal effectively with queries.


Overview of the Annual Report 2021

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  • Managing our response to COVID-19

  • How we progressed our strategy and improvement agenda

  • How we supported our mission - our key functions and responsibilities