Special Purposes Committee

The role of the Special Purposes Committee is to provide advice to the President of the PSI Council on matters within the President’s remit that may arise between scheduled meetings of the Council. The Committee does not meet on a scheduled basis, but as needed and requested to do so by the President. The Committee is responsible for maintaining sufficient membership, and succession planning, for the Advisory Committees and makes recommendations to the Council for appointments to those committees. The Committee may also refer issues to any of the PSI’s Advisory Committees, or the Registrar, to be dealt with. The Committee reports to Council following each meeting.

Its Terms of Reference outline its remit.

The Special Purposes Committee is scheduled to meet on the following dates in 2022:

Thursday, 10 February

Thursday, 7 April

Thursday, 9 June
Thursday, 15 September
Thursday, 24 November

Membership of the Special Purposes Committee is on an ex-officio basis. Its current members are:

Chair: Ms Muireann Ní Shuilleabháin President of the PSI Council
Mr Rory O'Donnell Vice President of the PSI Council
Dr Paul Gorecki Interim Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee
Ms Joanne Kissane Chair of the Regulatory and Professional Policy Committee
Mr Paul Turpin
Chair of the Performance and Resources Committee

Previous Special Resources Committee meetings:

8 April 2021

3 June 2021

12 August 2021

20 September 2021

14 October 2021

2 December 2021