Frequently Asked Questions


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  • I am currently enrolled in a pharmacy degree programme in the UK. When I graduate will my qualification be recognised by the PSI following Brexit?

  • I am registered with the PSI, but I obtained my pharmacy qualification in the UK. Is this still recognised following Brexit?

  • I hold a UK qualification in pharmacy, but I am not currently registered with the PSI. Will I be allowed to register in Ireland following Brexit?

  • My child is planning to enroll in a UK pharmacy degree programme in September 2020. Will they be allowed to register as a pharmacist in Ireland when they graduate?

  • Will the UK recognise my Irish pharmacy degree and allow me to register/remain registered?

  • Is a prescription written by a UK registered doctor be legally valid to dispense in Ireland following Brexit?

  • What does it mean if a prescription cannot be issued “by means of information society services and for the purpose of enabling the supply of a medicinal product by mail order”?

  • My pharmacy is listed on Part A of the PSI’s Internet Supply List, can I still sell and supply non-prescription medicines via my pharmacy’s website to customers in the UK after Brexit?

  • We provide a TPN service in our pharmacy and some of our patients are under the care of UK hospitals but are resident in Ireland. Can we provide this cross-border provision of care?

  • Is there shortages of medicines because of Brexit?

  • Where can I go for further information?

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