Information for Pharmacists and Pharmacies COVID-19

This page was updated on: 20 July 2021

The pharmacy workforce plays an important public health role and is a vital asset in combatting the spread of COVID-19. Pharmacies are a frontline point of contact for the public and a place in which people can expect to receive accurate and responsible information about the management of their healthcare, virus prevention and treatment. Pharmacies also have to manage and assess how best to provide continued care to their patients with the demands on their services and staff. The PSI recognises the challenges faced by pharmacists and the contributions being made by them and the wider pharmacy staff at a time when there is high demand on healthcare services and for the supply of medicines and advice.

The following information from the PSI, Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), HSE and other sources is available to support pharmacists, pharmacy owners and pharmacy staff in their continued care for the public.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccination Programme - Community Pharmacies

  • COVID-19 Vaccines- Information and Resources

  • PSI Position in Relation to COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Detection Tests (RADTs) and Community Pharmacies

  • Information for Pharmacists on COVID-19 Vaccination Training

  • COVID-19 Operational Standards

  • Advice on reducing Infection Transmission in Pharmacies

  • Looking after your Mental Health

  • Pharmacy Contingency Planning

  • Prescription Regulation Amendments and Guidance

  • Home Delivery of Medicines

  • Registration Applications and Pharmacist Education

  • Medicines Availability

  • COVID-19 and Medicines