FAQs on COVID-19 vaccine training for the initial roll-out phase

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  • How are pharmacists authorised to supply and administer COVID-19 vaccines?

  • What training has been approved by the PSI?

  • How do I access the approved training?

  • What training and/or requirements do I need to complete to become a COVID 19 vaccinator?

  • Can I participate in COVID-19 vaccinations if I have never vaccinated before or haven’t vaccinated in the last 12 months/influenza season?

  • How can I participate in the national COVID-19 vaccination programme?

  • To be involved in the mass vaccination clinics, what training do I need to complete?

  • What about COVID-19 vaccination in community pharmacies?

  • Where can I find information about COVID-19 vaccines?

  • What is the governance within Mass Vaccination Centres?