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PSI statement and report on pharmacy vaccinations issue

November 25, 2011

The PSI has published the report it furnished to the Department of Health and the HSE earlier today regarding the issues around the underdosing of some patients with the flu vaccine in pharmacies.

The PSI is satisfied that there will be full compliance by pharmacists with its guidance in relation to the provision of vaccination services in pharmacies and that the error which led to the underdosing of some patients is being dealt with.

The PSI has engaged with members of the profession and their representative body who have assured the PSI that they will fully co-operate and comply with PSI guidance.

In light of this assurance, the PSI is satisfied that pharmacies can continue to provide these services to patients, and that the public can have confidence in the vaccination services being provided by pharmacists and pharmacies.

The PSI will continue to work with the profession and the relevant educational and training organisations to ensure that all matters are rectified in the interests of patients and the public.

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