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PSI invites public feedback on its draft Corporate Strategy 2021-2023

July 31, 2020

The PSI, the pharmacy regulator, is inviting feedback from the public on its draft corporate strategy for 2021-2023. The final plan, to be approved by the PSI Council in December, will set out the regulator’s key priorities and areas of work for the next three years. The key focus of the plan is to ensure the continued provision of safe, quality pharmacy care within pharmacies and to ensure that pharmacists maintain high standards of professionalism. The draft plan is available at until 21 August 2020, when the consultation period closes.

“Members of the public, pre-COVID, were making an estimated two million visits per month to pharmacies, so we are keen to gain their input. Our role as regulator is to assure their continued trust in pharmacy through effective regulation,” said Niall Byrne, Registrar and Chief Officer, PSI.

“Significant changes have occurred in recent years in pharmacy practice with the role of pharmacists expanding. Many community pharmacists are now providing vaccinations against seasonal influenza, for example, while hospital pharmacists have become more closely involved in patient care in their capacity as medicines experts. As a consequence of these various changes, our strategy and activities over the next few years must facilitate ongoing change to ensure continued high-quality, and where necessary enhanced, healthcare provision by pharmacists,” he added.

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