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Pharmacy Regulator Issues Draft Guidelines on Sourcing, Storage and Disposal of Medicines

July 23, 2010

The PSI (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland), the pharmacy regulator, has published draft guidelines for public consultation on the sourcing, storage and disposal of medicinal products within retail pharmacy businesses (pharmacies).

Calling on the members of the pharmacy profession, the public and the wider health sector to make comments and submissions on the issue, PSI Head of Communications Kate O’Flaherty said medicinal products must be sourced and stored in accordance with their marketing authorisations.  “This will assure the quality, safety and efficacy of the medicinal products supplied, thus enhancing patient safety.  It is also vitally important these products are safely disposed of in a manner that will not result in any danger to public health or risk to the environment.  Moreover, pharmacists should advise patients about the appropriate storage of medicines at home and any special storage requirements that may exist.  In particular, any waste medicines in the home which are no longer being used or are out-of-date should be returned to the pharmacist for proper and safe destruction.”
The draft guidelines are designed to facilitate compliance with the Regulations governing the operation of pharmacies and the Pharmacy Act 2007.

They state that a pharmacy should operate a comprehensive, auditable system for the control and maintenance of an appropriate level of legitimate stock, held within appropriate storage conditions and facilities. Pharmacies must only source medicinal products from an authorised manufacturer or an authorised wholesaler.  

The guidelines also outline that the disposal of medicinal products within a pharmacy must be carried out in a manner which will not result in any danger to public health or any risk to the environment.

This consultation is now closed .

The Guidelines on the Sourcing, Storage and Disposal of Medicinal Products within a Retail Pharmacy Business, published in May 2011, have been separated into three separate documents.

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