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The PSI Advertise Member of Council vacancy

March 02, 2012

Details of the appointment

The PSI is governed by a 21 member Council established under Section 10 (1 to 7) of the Act, with a non-pharmacist majority, appointed by the Minister for Health. The primary role of the PSI Council is the protection of the public interest through the effective regulation of the profession and practice of pharmacy. The term of office of Council members is four years. The Act provides for the expiry of the term of office of one half of members of the Council every two years. 

Under the Act the Council of the PSI must hold 4 meetings in each 12 months and may hold such other meetings as are necessary for the performance of its functions. In 2011 the Council met 10 times. In addition, Council members will be required to sit on Advisory Committees of the PSI Council (maximum of 6 meetings per year).

Council members are entitled to remuneration of €7,695 per annum and to claim travel and subsistence allowances in accordance with approved public sector rates. It should be noted however, that under revised Department of Finance arrangements, it is now a requirement that public servants:

  • who sit on state boards in an ex officio capacity or on behalf of their parent Department/organisation or
  • who may be nominated to such board positions independently of their public service employment

should not be paid remuneration in the form of board fees when serving in such a representational capacity

Council members are required to devote as much time to duties on the Council as is necessary for the proper and efficient discharge of their duties, and to comply with the relevant provisions of the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

The type of person required

One vacancy for a Council member now exists under Section 10(3)(d) and (e) of the Act, for a person who meets the following criteria:

(i)                 the  person holds  such qualifications, expertise, interests or experience (or such combination of any of them) as would, in the opinion of the Minister, enable them to make a substantial contribution to the performance of the Society’s functions, and

(ii)               the person is not and never has been registered as a pharmacist, pharmaceutical chemist, dispensing chemist and druggist either in Ireland or any other country.  

The ideal person would have excellent interpersonal skills; a knowledge of good corporate governance; experience at senior management or board level; be able to think strategically and creatively; be impartial and consider issues objectively; be financially literate; and be committed to the highest standards of integrity and governance.

How to apply

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment as a Council member should submit an application form via the following link together with detailed Curriculum Vitae not exceeding 3 pages.

In submitting expressions of interest, applicants should also set out clearly any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may arise should they be appointed to the Council.

The application process will consist of the following steps:

When you click on 'Apply for this job' you will be brought to the registration page.

If you are already registered on you can log in using your username and password.

If you have not previously registered you will need to register your details, then you must go to “Choose a Job Category” on the left side of the screen.

Click on “Membership of a State Board” and then click 'Apply for this job'.

Step 1 -Download a PDF Application Form. This is an application form which you should complete and save to your PC.

Step 2 - Complete the Online Application Form. Most of this will be pre-filled from your registration profile. Then you will be asked to upload the PDF Application Form that you previously saved.

Step 3 - Attach a combined detailed CV not exceeding 3 pages.

Closing Date for Applications:  Tuesday 13th March 2012 

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