Core Competency Framework

Core Competency Framework

What is a Competency Framework?

Competencies refer to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that an individual develops through education, training and work experience. When combined, these competencies form a competency framework. This framework provides a blueprint for describing the competencies and behaviours of pharmacists in their daily practice.

The Core Competency Framework for Pharmacists in Ireland

The Core Competency Framework for pharmacists aims to reflect the practice of pharmacists in the early stages of their career, ie, 0-3 years registered. It is intended that the framework would also be used to provide structure and guidance for continuing professional development (CPD) over the changing demands of a pharmacist's career.

The framework is divided into six domains of practice and identifies a number of competencies expected of a pharmacist in each domain. A number of behavioural statements are given for each competenCore Competency Frameworkcy to demonstrate how individuals who have that competency will be behaving in practice.

What is the Core Competency Framework used for?

It is used for a number of purposes, including:

  • Assisting pharmacists to self-assess their abilities against the competency standards relevant to their role to determine areas in which further development is needed.
  • Development of programmes by academic institutions; informing the educational standards for accreditation by the PSI of pharmacy degree programmes.
  • Providing a platform for the development of specialisation and advanced practice within pharmacy.
  • Providing a public statement of the professional role of a pharmacist.

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy and Continued Professional Development

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) is the body established by the PSI to oversee the management and delivery of the mandatory system of CPD for pharmacists in Ireland and to promote excellence in patient care and professional standards.

The IIOP will be the main support for pharmacists and their engagement with the Core Competency Framework as the CPD model is rolled out.

Review of the Core Competency Framework

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Core competency framework

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