Changes to Registration Details - Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Assistants

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants can make certain changes to their registration details using the online registration portal. These include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact telephone number(s)
  • Email address(es) (please note – you can change the email address you use to log in to the registration portal using the ‘Forgot my password’ link on the registrant portal login screen. Once you have verified the current email address associated with your login, you can change it to a different one. If you no longer have access to this email address, you will need to contact the PSI directly)
  • Photograph
  • Place(s) of work (if you work in one or more pharmacies)

Please contact the Registrant and Customer Relations Team by email or phone +353(0)1 2184000 if you require any other changes to your registration.