Pharmacies must register as a retail pharmacy business with the PSI in order to operate in Ireland. The register of pharmacies is published online.

First Time Registration

Anyone wishing to open a pharmacy must apply to register that pharmacy at least 60 days before it is due to open. The pharmacy will also be subject to a new opening inspection prior to registration. 

Continued Registration

Pharmacies must apply on an annual basis for continued registration and pay an annual fee. We issue certificates of registration to pharmacies once their applications and fees are processed. You can apply for your continued registration in the PSI online registration portal.

Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacists

Each pharmacy must have a superintendent pharmacist and a supervising pharmacist, each of whom must have at least three years’ appropriate experience.

Cancelling your Registration

When a pharmacy is closing down or transferring its ownership, there are certain safeguards that must be put in place regarding the medicines and patient records held in the pharmacy. 

Changes in Pharmacy Ownership

Any change in ownership or shareholding of a pharmacy may have the effect of cancelling its registration and the pharmacy owner must immediately notify the PSI of any such change. Failure to notify the PSI of a change in ownership will result in the closure of the pharmacy until a new registration is processed.

Changes to Registration Details

Pharmacies can make certain changes to registration details in the online registration portal.

Online Registration Portal

These videos show some of the features and benefits you can expect from our registration portal and public registers.

Video on the new registration portal  Video on the PSI public registers