Regulatory Notices

The PSI issues Regulatory Notices to highlight important pharmacy practice and compliance matters that require the immediate attention of superintendent pharmacists and pharmacy owners in their role overseeing the safe operation of the pharmacy business. Regulatory Notices highlight an issue of significant concern that require attention, and possible action, at the governance level in each retail pharmacy business.

03/2018: Food intolerance testing

Following a review of food intolerance tests, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) published information in January 2018 advising the public and healthcare professionals not to rely on food intolerance tests for the purpose of a diagnosis or as the basis for dietary change. This notice outlines those findings and the PSI's position that offering food intolerance testing services in pharmacies, to diagnose food intolerance, is not appropriate.

01/2017: Storage of pharmacy-only medicines in the pharmacy

This notice focusses on the appropriate storage of pharmacy-only medicines in a retail pharmacy business, in line with the amended Regulation of Retail Pharmacy Businesses Regulations (2008). Pharmacy owners and superintendent pharmacists are directed to review their pharmacy’s storage and access arrangements, and to take action to comply with the legislation if that is not already the case.

02/2017: Changes in pharmacy ownership and registration

This notice highlights the effect that changes in the ownership of a pharmacy can have on a pharmacy's registration, and the requirement to notify the PSI of pending changes in ownership in order for the PSI to advise on, and deal with, the changes appropriately.