When a complaint has been considered by the complaints screening committee called the Preliminary Proceedings Committee (PPC) and it is decided that there is case for further action, the matter may be referred to mediation or to inquiry.

Mediation is a confidential process where a neutral third party (a mediator) sits down with both sides to the complaint to help resolve the matter and to agree an outcome suitable to everyone.  Mediation can only take place where the PPC has decided that further action is required and refers the matter to mediation.  If mediation is unsuccessful the complaint will then be referred to a Committee of Inquiry.

The person making the complaint and the pharmacist or pharmacy owner must agree to the complaint being resolved using mediation. If either side does not agree to mediation, the PPC will refer the complaint to a Committee of Inquiry instead.

If a complaint has been referred to mediation, we will write to both sides of the complaint and explain how the process works. Please read the mediation guidelines for more information.

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