Pharmacy Practice Reports

We have undertaken research projects in relation to the development of pharmacy practice in Ireland. The research is used to inform our current and future work and seeks to:

  1. develop evidence-based standards of good pharmacy practice in all settings, with a view to achieving high standards of patient care and safety;
  2. support the increased involvement of pharmacists in the delivery of integrated, patient-centred, cost-effective health services.

Future Pharmacy Practice - Meeting Patients' Needs - 2016
The report examines how the pharmacy sector can most valuably contribute to patient health and the Irish health system and makes recommendations for pharmacists potential for greater contribution to national health programmes, medicines management and integrated care. The report is supported by four supplementary research papers.
Baseline Study of Hospital Pharmacy in Ireland - 2012
This study provides an understanding of the nature and type of hospital pharmacy services being delivered in Ireland and reviewed international standards of hospital pharmacy service and care delivery.

The study looked at the profile of hospital pharmacists, systems and services, technology, interprofessional relationships, CPD and education, the workforce and pharmacy premises.

Baseline Study of Community Pharmacy Practice in Ireland - 2011
This study provides a review of community pharmacy practice in Ireland and compares it to international practice, to help the future development of strategies in Ireland.

The Interim Report of the Pharmacy Ireland 2020 Working Group - 2008
This report reviews pharmacy services provided in Ireland and compares them with best practice in other countries.