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ePortfolio Review

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  • Do I have to complete the IIOP ePortfolio or can I use another form of CPD tool and submit these if required under the review process by the IIOP?

  • How can I use the IIOP ePortfolio to show that I am addressing areas of my practice which I am seeking to improve?

  • What types of activities can I include in my ePortfolio?

  • Can non-IIOP accredited courses and programmes be recognised as CPD activities and be included in my ePortfolio?

  • I am concerned that if I admit to a learning deficit in my ePortfolio that I may be portraying myself as an incompetent pharmacist.

  • What can or will the IIOP do in circumstances where a person fails to meet the required standard for their ePortfolio?

  • What happens if I am selected for ePortfolio review while I am on maternity leave?

  • If I am on a career break, could I be selected for ePortfolio review?

  • I am going travelling abroad for the next year, what will happen if I am selected for ePortfolio review while I am out of the country?

  • I am not currently practising as a pharmacist and I am engaged in a completely different line of professional activity. What are my CPD obligations and how can I meet the requirements to maintain my competence as a pharmacist?

  • If I am on the register of pharmacists but I am unable to engage with CPD due to serious illness, will I still be expected to undertake CPD and submit an ePortfolio if called under the review process?

  • What CPD requirements must I meet when I apply for continued registration with the PSI?

  • I am a retired pharmacist or am no longer practising, must I still engage with CPD requirements?

  • What happens if I don’t engage in the ePortfolio Review?

  • What if I don’t meet the standards for ePortfolio Review?

Practice Review

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