Continued Registration

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants must apply to the PSI on an annual basis for continued registration and pay an annual fee, in order to remain on the PSI’s Registers.

You can apply and pay your registration fee directly and securely online.

What you will need:

  1. Your PSI registration number
  2. Your password

You would have received your PSI registration number when you first registered with the PSI. Your pin and password can be requested through your online account. See Registrant login at the top of the screen.

July 2017 update: There are number of changes currently being made to the registration certificate template, which is resulting in a delay of certificates being issued. Registrants will receive their certificates in due course at the address noted for them on the Register.

If you experience any difficulties submitting your online application for continued registration, or with requesting new login details, please call the PSI Online Continued Registration helpline on 1850 774 734. This helpline is open from 9am until 1pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank and Public holidays).

Continuing Professional Development

There is a mandatory system of continuing professional development (CPD) for pharmacists in Ireland, and pharmacists must declare their CPD undertakings in order to be accepted for annual continued registration.

Information on the system of CPD including the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) can be read in the education section.

Clarification on Patient-facing Role

When applying for continued registration with the PSI, pharmacists are asked the question, “Are you currently in a patient facing role?”. This is important in the context of the correct operation of the practice review element of the CPD process.

A patient-facing role includes any pharmacist providing care directly to a patient and/or any pharmacist whose work has an impact on patient care, irrespective of setting or the number of hours of practice per week, month or year.

More information

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  • Examples of a patient-facing role

European Professional Identity Card

The issuing of the European Professional Identity Card and the Pharmaceutical Assistant Card issued with certificates of continued registration will cease. From July 2017, you will only receive a certificate of continued registration, once your annual application of continued registration has been processed successfully.

Important Information

  • Under the Pharmacy Act 2007, pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants must obtain a Certificate of Registration.
  • You must apply for your continued registration 30 days before your current certificate expires or you will be required to pay a late fee.
  • A process of cancellation of registration (removal from the Register of the Pharmacists and the Register of Pharmaceutical Assistants) will commence for registrants who have failed to make the necessary application for continued registration.
  • Since July 2016, the PSI will send only email notices to registrants at the time of their registration renewal.

Continued Registration Fee

The continued registration fee for a pharmacist is €380 and the continued registration fee for a pharmaceutical assistant is €190. Payment online is by credit or debit card only. Please note that you can not make a payment over the phone. For further information please see PSI fees information.

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