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Information for Pharmacists on Dispensing of Oseltamivir

December 09, 2009

This information article has been prepared to update pharmacists regarding recent changes to the SPC for Tamiflu and in particular the procedures outlined in the SPC for the extemporaneous dispensing of suspension(s) prepared from the contents of Tamiflu capsules for children and adults unable to swallow capsules, and for infants under the age of 12 months.

This article has been prepared under the auspices of a Pharmacy Pandemic Preparedness Group, chaired by the Chief Pharmacist at the Department of Health and Children. The group, which comprises pharmacists from the PSI, HSE, DoHC and IPU, is working on a number of pharmacy-related issues around the current pandemic. Much of the information contained in the article is derived directly from the updated SPC – pharmacists should, however, also consult the full SPC first for more detailed information. The SPC is available from the IMB website, the EMEA website, or on

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