The PSI is responsible for defining and ensuring the standards of education and training for pharmacists qualifying in Ireland. This includes developing standards, policies and carrying out accreditation of pharmacy degree programmes. The PSI also ensures that registered pharmacists undertake appropriate continuing professional development (CPD).

Training to become a Pharmacist in Ireland

To qualify as a pharmacist in Ireland, a person must complete a five year Master’s degree in pharmacy accredited by  the PSI. Approved programmes are delivered by Trinity College Dublin, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and University College Cork. A successful Master’s graduate of a PSI accredited pharmacy programme is eligible to apply to register as a pharmacist in Ireland.

Continuing Professional Development

Once a pharmacist is registered to practice with the PSI, they are required by law to maintain their professional competence with ongoing learning, called continuing professional development (CPD).  Pharmacists must show that they are undertaking CPD relevant to the practice of pharmacy as part of their annual continued registration with the PSI.


The PSI is responsible for approving and recognising pharmacy degree programmes and CPD education and training for registered pharmacists.