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Recent Publications

PSI Corporate Strategy 2021-2023              
PSI Service Plan 2022                                         
Annual Report 2021                                         Annual Report of the Preliminary Proceedings Committee 2020
 PSI's Corporate Strategy 2021-2023 Service Plan 2022 cover  PSI Annual Report 2021 front cover
Preliminary Proceedings Committee Annual report 2019

Corporate Reports and Strategy

  • Publications including the PSI Annual Reports and Financial Statements, PSI Corporate Strategy and PSI Service Plan.

Education Reports

  • Publications including the CPD review and PEARs Project.

Guidance for the Profession

  • PSI guidance relevant to the practice of pharmacy, the safe supply of medicines and compliance with retail pharmacy business regulations.

Information for the Public

  • The PSI is committed to providing information to the public about pharmacy in Ireland, so that people can understand the role pharmacists play in looking after people’s health, and about the safe and effective services, care and advice they should expect in a pharmacy.

Inspectors Advice on Improving Compliance

  • Common issues identified by inspectors at pharmacy inspections and advice and assistance to pharmacists and pharmacy owners in addressing them.

Pharmacy Practice Reports

  • The PSI has produced a number of reports that examine current practice and potential future development, relating to the practice of pharmacy in Ireland.

PSI Newsletters

  • The PSI newsletter contains information and events of interest to the profession and to wider stakeholders.

Practice Learnings

  • Learnings shared from complaints received to the PSI, and from fitness to practise inquiries.


  • Information videos for the public, pharmacists and pharmacy owners.

Ethics Articles and the Irish Pharmacy Journal

  • Series of articles exploring medico-legal and ethical issues in pharmacy, as published in the Irish Pharmacy Journal. The Irish Pharmacy Journal ceased publication in 2010. Please contact for archive issues (2007 - 2010).

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