These videos are created to provide supporting information about many areas of our work. As well as the video, you can click on each topic link for more information.

Registration Portal

We have developed a new registration portal for our registrants. We have also updated the PSI public registers. These videos show some of the features and benefits you can expect from our new registration portal.

Video on the new registration portal  Video on the PSI public registers 

COVID-19 Operational Standards for Pharmacies

This video provides an introduction to the Operational Standards.

Click to watch the COVID-19 Operational Standards Video

Code of Conduct - Professional Principles, Standards and Ethics for Pharmacists

In the first video, Niall Byrne, PSI Registrar, Avril Ryan, community pharmacist, and Deirdre Lenehan, hospital pharmacist discuss the importance of the Code of Conduct for pharmacists. The second video provides an introduction to the Code of Conduct for Pharmacists.

Code of Conduct video  Video on the introduction to the Code of Conduct 

Complaint process

We have developed two videos to explain the complaint process. Video one explains how a complaint can be made to us. The second video explains what happens if a complaint is referred to an inquiry.

Video- how to make a complaint to the PSI  Video on the PSI inquiry process

Future Pharmacy Practice - Meeting Patients' Needs

The Future Pharmacy project examined the role pharmacists might play in public health and patient care improvements and healthcare system efficiencies into the future. The report makes several recommendations following an extensive research project. At the launch of the report in November 2016, attendees were asked for their thoughts on the Future Pharmacy Report and the possibilities it presented.

Pharmacy Assessment System

This video is designed to support the introduction and use of the Pharmacy Assessment System, rolled-out by the PSI in late 2016, as a self-audit tool for pharmacies. It is part of the system of review of a pharmacy's practice, to ensure patient safety and quality of care in providing services and treatment in compliance with statutory requirements, PSI guidance and good pharmacy practice. Supervising pharmacists, in particular, will find it a useful resource when completing the Assessment System.

Pharmacy Assessment System Video

Patient Charter

The Patient Charter is an information leaflet about the care and treatment that can be expected by the public in a community pharmacy. It also advises people about how they can assist their pharmacist in looking after their health. This video provides an overview of the Charter.

Patient Charter Video

The role of the superintendent pharmacist

These films are intended to be helpful to superintendent pharmacists and to inform other pharmacists, pharmacy owners and staff of the importance of this pivotal governance role, which is provided for in legislation.

Section 1

Section 1: The legal requirements for the supervising pharmacist
Section 2: Legal and professional responsibilities of a superintendent pharmacist
Section 3: Accountability and error management
Section 4: Succession planning and conclusion

The role of the supervising pharmacist

This video highlights the roles and responsibilities of a supervising pharmacist, as well as the legal requirements, governance and accountability aspects of the role.

PSI inspections

This video gives information about what can be expected during a routine PSI pharmacy inspection.

Pharmacy Care to Nursing Homes

This is an additional resource supporting PSI guidance to highlight the provision of safe and appropriate patient care and pharmacy services to patients in nursing homes.

Health and Social Care Interprofessional Learning Conference (IPL) 2015

In 2015, the PSI jointly hosted a conference with other Irish regulators. It focussed on the need for, and benefit of, shared learning, training and development across health and social care professionals, in order to deliver effective patient outcomes. The conference included national and international speakers, with more information available to download on the conference website.

Presentation 1: Opening address - Pat O Mahony and Keynote Dr John HV Gilbert
Presentation 2: Morning Plenary Session - Caroline Hager and Margaret Murphy
Presentation 3: Afternoon Keynote Address - Prof James Buchan
Presentation 4: Afternoon Plenary Session - Christine Braithwaite and Dr Siobhan Ni Mhaolrunaigh