Internet Supply List: Overview

From the 24th June 2015, anyone who wishes to sell non-prescription medicines over the internet in Ireland must register with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland and be entered on to the approved Internet Supply List. They must also display a new EU-wide common logo on every page of their website offering medicines for sale. The common logo can only be displayed on websites that are entered on the approved list.

Common logo for Internet Supply of Non-Prescription Medicines Ireland

This is the common logo for Irish-registered internet suppliers. Click it to view the list of approved suppliers.

Prescription medicines are not permitted to be sold over the internet.

The Department of Health has given the PSI the responsibility to introduce a new regulatory system governing the internet supply of non-prescription medicines. The PSI is required to establish and maintain the Internet Supply List of people or entities entitled to supply non-prescription medicinal products to the public over the internet. The PSI is also required to make the list publicly available on this website.

This new regulatory system came into effect on 24 June 2015.

See the legislative basis for these regulations.

What you need to know

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  • What medicines can be sold online?

  • What is the common logo?

  • Who can use the common logo?

  • Can I buy medicines from non-Irish websites?

  • Where can I find websites displaying the logo?

  • What other checks should I make before buying non-prescription medicines online?

  • Ordering from a Large Pharmacy Group or Retail Chain

  • Raising Concerns

  • Your Consumer Rights Online

Further Information

If you would like further information, contact us at or on 01-2184000.

Apply for Entry to the Internet Supply List

If you would like to apply for entry to the Internet Supply List, please go to the Internet Suppliers Page.