The PSI has an important role in assuring high standards of education and training in pharmacy and is responsible for;

  • Accreditation and approval of educational programmes as required under the Pharmacy Act 2007
  • Accreditation of the three Master’s in pharmacy degree programmes provided in Ireland.
  • Developing accreditation standards to evaluate degree programmes and CPD programmes of education and training for pharmacists.

The PSI’s role includes ongoing approval and recognition of existing pharmacy degree programmes, and assessment of applications from new schools of pharmacy for accreditation of their pharmacy degree programme.

It is a duty of the PSI to review the programmes of education and training being provided by each of the three schools of pharmacy in Ireland.  The pharmacy degree programmes are assessed against the PSI’s approved accreditation standards to ensure the programmes are meeting the relevant criteria as defined by the PSI Council.

Guidance on Conflicts of Interest for Members of Accreditation Teams

The PSI appoints an accreditation team with suitable expertise to review programmes of education and training.

Team members should consult the guidance on conflicts of interest prior to submitting a disclosure of interest form.