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Pharmacy Regulator Issues Guidelines On Premises And Equipment In Pharmacies

June 01, 2012

The PSI (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland), the pharmacy regulator, has issued draft guidelines for public consultation on the premises and equipment requirements of retail pharmacy businesses (pharmacies).

Calling on members of the public and the wider health sector to make comments and submissions on the issue, PSI Acting Registrar, Ciara McGoldrick, said pharmacy owners had various responsibilities with respect to pharmacy staff, premises, equipment and procedures.  “These guidelines are intended to assist pharmacy owners as well as superintendent, supervising and other pharmacists, in ensuring that their premises meet required standards, and that all equipment used for the delivery of pharmacy services is fit for purpose and well maintained.  Pharmacy premises must be appropriately equipped and staffed, and have the required governance arrangements in place at all times so as to protect the health, safety and convenience of patients, the public and staff.” 

This consultation is now closed.

The guidelines are designed to facilitate compliance with the Regulation of Retail Pharmacy Businesses Regulations 2008 and the Pharmacy Act 2007.  They are intended to assist pharmacy owners (those applying to open a pharmacy and owners of existing pharmacies), as well as superintendent and supervising pharmacists, in ensuring that their premises meet required standards and with planning for changes in their premises such as refurbishments. 

The document also outlines the minimum requirements relating to the equipment requirements of all existing pharmacies as well as for planned new pharmacy openings.  Pharmacy owners are required to conduct the retail pharmacy business in compliance with these guidelines and must ensure that these minimum standards are met.  The guidelines provide for standard, normal requirements, including accessibility and the equipment that needs to be on site. This includes containers suitable for the packaging and dispensing of medications, Child Resistant Closures (CRCs), a range of spoons and syringes for measuring oral liquid doses and plastic medicine bottles for methadone.

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