Standards for Retail Pharmacy Businesses


The PSI Corporate Strategy 2018-2020 outlines a programme of activities intended to further develop the regulator’s work in assuring trust in pharmacists, in pharmacy services and the achievement of better public health outcomes, through effective regulation of pharmacists and pharmacies. During March and April 2018, the PSI held 11 regional seminars for superintendent pharmacists to introduce the Corporate Strategy and to discuss areas of mutual interest, with PSI staff facilitating a wide range of discussions.

Standards-based Approach

The PSI Council has agreed to a proposal to develop Governance and Accountability Standards for Quality and Safety in Retail Pharmacy Businesses. The development of standards will be a new approach from the guidelines issued to date, in that standards provide concise, outcome-focussed statements against which a service provider establishes and delivers their service, and which the regulator can use to assess performance. The standards will inform the public as to the standard of care and professionalism which they can expect to receive from a registered pharmacy – evidence that safe systems of care are in place and that these operate within clear accountability structures.

Next steps

Best practice would indicate that standards are most successful if they are created through a collaborative approach involving the regulator, those who are regulated, users of the service and relevant independent experts. With this in mind, a Standards Advisory Group comprising key stakeholders, including patient groups and those from the pharmacy sector together with independent experts, will be convened. The Standards Advisory Group will use its expertise to guide and inform the work of PSI staff in the development of standards to ensure that they are useful, practical and meet their objective. We will continue to update this page on the progression of this work, and highlight key developments through the PSI Newsletter.