Practitioner Health Matters Programme

The Practitioner Health Matters Programme is an independent organisation that provides support to health practitioners including pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants in Ireland who may have a concern about a mental health or substance abuse problem. 

The Practitioner Health Matters programme works to provide appropriate care and support for health professionals by offering information, advice or clinical referral for those who need it, and where a health issue is interfering with the ability to practise safely. The service provides support and expertise in the management and treatment of health issues particularly addiction and mental health issues for health professionals.This may include arranging access to psychiatry, psychology, occupational health, addiction counselling, drug and alcohol testing services as well as career mentoring, life coaching, and financial advice.

Details and contact information can be found on the website The programme can be contacted on a confidential telephone line 01 297 0356 or emails sent to for an expert clinical advice service.

The PSI supports this programme and acknowledges the valuable professional care and treatment that is available confidentially to those who need it, ensuring someone can continue in or return to practice. In certain circumstances, the PSI may also directly refer or recommend a registrant to the programme where medical help and support is the appropriate intervention for a pharmacist or pharmaceutical assistant.

The PSI has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Practitioner Health Matters Programme. Although endorsed and supported by professional and regulatory organisations, it is a fully independent service, and the memorandum of understanding addresses the mechanisms by which the regulator and the service interact. 

Visit the Practitioner Health Matters website 

View the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the PSI and the Practitioner Health Matters Programme