Frequently asked questions: Expert Taskforce

We will continue to update these FAQs as further questions arise and as this change is embedded in practice.

Frequently asked questions: Expert Taskforce

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  • What is the Expert Taskforce to support the expansion of the role of pharmacists in Ireland?

  • What is the first recommendation from the Expert Taskforce?

  • What legislative changes have been implemented and why?

  • What has changed from 1 March 2024, and when will pharmacists be able to extend prescriptions?

  • Can pharmacists continue to extend prescriptions up to nine months until 1 September 2024?

  • Do pharmacists have to complete any mandatory training to be able to extend prescriptions?

  • When will pharmacists start making decisions to extend/not extend prescriptions?

  • How can I find out more about these changes and the work of the Expert Taskforce?

  • How is PSI preparing for the implementation of these new legislative changes?

  • How can I watch the PSI/IIOP webinar held on 21 February?

  • Are there any exclusions to extending prescriptions beyond six months?

  • What if a prescriber does not want a pharmacist to extend a prescription?