PSI’s Business Transformation Programme leading to ‘Better Ways of Working’

PSI's better ways of working

We have commenced a digital transformation journey that will bring numerous benefits to the PSI and its registrants, and will deliver an effective and efficient digital service to members of the public. A key objective of the Business Transformation Programme is to evolve our ways of working, and how we interact with registrants and the public, supported by a well-designed, reliable, and effective technology solution.

A core component of our Business Transformation Programme is a digital services transformation project, which focuses on the design and development of a new improved secure and effective ICT system. This project will also give effect to the PSI's Digital Policy Statement – Digital First 2018-2021, which reflects the broader public service context within which the PSI operates. It will also reflect many of the key policy commitments as published by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform relating to digital developments.

We will deliver the digital services transformation project on a phased basis. The first stage consisted of a new registration platform that launched in September 2021.

New Online Registration System

We updated our current systems for registration, transitioning to a new improved secure and effective system, and moved more processes online. We also updated our Public Register.

What does this mean for registrants?

Some of the features and benefits in our new registration portal include:

  • A more efficient and streamlined experience for all registrants and those wishing to apply for registration. This includes one place for all registration-related documentation and records which can be easily accessed.
  • Easier for applicants to submit, view and discuss the progress of their applications within the portal.
  • Quicker for registrants to update the details they have given us previously.
  • Ability to complete material and non-material changes online.
  • Easier for pharmacy groups to complete continued registration.
  • Enhanced data security through a two-factor authentication process when you log in.

Next Phase: Internet Supply List Registration

The next phase of our digital transformation project will include moving the paper-based process for internet supply list registrations to the PSI’s online portal, both for pharmacies and for other online retailers. This move will provide both an online registration platform for completing applications and a comprehensive, searchable online internet supply list, akin to the other PSI registers. We will be contacting all currently registered entities about what the changes will mean for them and any actions that need to be taken as this change is applied.


We are committed to the building of an agile and high-performing organisation so that we are better equipped to deliver on our mission, as set out in our Corporate Strategy 2021-2024. A key enabler to deliver on this objective is the Business Transformation Programme and the main purpose and theme of this programme is to deliver Better Ways of Working. Our objective for this programme is to evolve the ways of working across the organisation, enabled through a well-designed, reliable and effective technology solution for the PSI, its customers and service users.