We are governed by public procurement guidelines in our purchase of supplies and services, including how we award contracts for work and so that we secure best value for money.

When awarding contracts we are governed by the following principles:

  • Equal Treatment: All suppliers will be treated equally and with the utmost fairness at every stage of a contract award procedure.
  • Transparency: Any information and rules regarding forthcoming contracts and the rules to be applied should be readily available to all interested candidates.
  • Proportionality: Any demands placed upon suppliers should be both relevant and directly related to the contract being awarded.
  • Mutual Recognition: Standards, specifications and qualifications in use throughout the EU should receive equal recognition, on condition that the products or services are suitable for their intended purpose.

Irish Government Contract Regulations apply to all of the above principles and require that competitive tendering should be used. European Procurement Directives apply for contracts above the EU thresholds.

Procurement Policy

The PSI’s Procurement Policy incorporates the principles set out above and documents our purchasing procedures.

Public Contracts Awarded

We comply with tax clearance and public sector contract requirements as set out by the Department of Finance. View details of recent contract awards.

Current Tender Competitions

Details of all current tender competitions over €25,000 are available on the Office of Government Procurement website.

For information on current tender competitions, please email

Payments or Purchase Orders for Goods and Services

In keeping with a commitment in the Programme for Government, and particularly the section on "more effective financial scrutiny", we publish details of payments made for goods and services valued at €20,000 or above. This information is published quarterly in arrears.