PSI Roadshow Events - October 2023

The PSI concluded its series of regional roadshows for 2023, marking another significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to engaging with registrants. The roadshows were the first in-person events held by the PSI following the pandemic and were an opportunity to discuss several important topics, including pharmacy governance roles, pharmacist workforce planning and fitness to practise. The events took place in Sligo, Limerick, Cork and Dublin. Attendees from across the country commended the events for providing useful insights into the ongoing work of the PSI and affording the opportunity for pharmacists from all sectors to raise any queries they had with PSI staff.

As an important element of the PSI’s engagement with those it regulates, the regional roadshows aimed to connect with registrants and to listen to insights and reflections from those in attendance. The roadshows allowed the PSI to inform registrants of the latest sectoral developments, as well as capturing feedback and insights on various PSI projects and initiatives. The input received through the roadshows will help to shape the PSI’s future corporate strategy, policies and actions.

PSI Roadshow Event Presentations

For those who were unable to attend the roadshow events, recordings of the presentations are available below. These video presentations are intended to be helpful guidance for pharmacists, pharmacy owners and support staff.

Fitness to practise and complaints

Presented by Caroline Murphy Solicitor, Manager of Fitness to Practise & Legal Affairs
Section 1

Pharmacy Governance Roles

Presented by Laura Irwin, Quality & Safety Manager
Section 1

Emerging risks to future pharmacy workforce

Presented by Dan Burns, Head of Strategic Policy, Research and Communication
Section 3