Pharmacy Assessment System

The Pharmacy Assessment System is a self-audit tool for pharmacies. It provides a practical way for the supervising pharmacist, superintendent pharmacist and pharmacy owner(s), with their pharmacy team, to critically review their pharmacy's practice, validate and record good practice and identify areas where improvements are required.

What are the benefits of a Pharmacy Assessment System?

Completion of the Pharmacy Assessment System provides evidence, both to the public and to the PSI, of the commitment of all the pharmacy team to ensuring patient safety and quality of care, and is part of the broader PSI inspection project.

The Pharmacy Assessment System contains:

Who is responsible?

Supervising pharmacists are responsible for completing each section of the Pharmacy Assessment System once annually.

The superintendent pharmacist and the pharmacy owner(s), if different, are expected to support the supervising pharmacist with this, and sign-off on the action plans that identify areas for improvement or review within the pharmacy. PSI inspectors will look for those action plans during an inspection, and it is important that these are kept on the pharmacy premises.


Use of the Pharmacy Assessment System is supported with resources including the detailed guide that explains how to begin using the Assessment System and answers to frequently asked questions. During its implementation, PSI staff held information meetings nationwide to explain more about this new audit process, and you can access the presentation that was given.

This video will also assist supervising pharmacists when completing the Assessment System.

Additional Information

If you have questions or require assistance in relation to the Pharmacy Assessment System, please email