National Pharmacy Internship Programme

Frequently asked questions

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  • How do I apply to undertake the National Pharmacy Internship Programme (NPIP)?

  • Can I make an application for the National Pharmacy Internship Programme even if I have not found a training placement?

  • Is it correct that I must also send documents by post as part of my application?

  • What is the NPIP 3 (Statutory Declaration) Form?

  • Can I arrange for the NPIP 3 form to be signed outside of Ireland?

  • Who is the authorised person to take the statutory declaration?

  • Where do I send my signed and completed forms that are part of my application?

  • Can I start my internship year before I sit my supplemental exams?

  • How do I find a training placement?

  • How do I know if my placement has been approved?

  • What do I do if I have to change my tutor during my placement?

  • Can I move to another training establishment during my internship year?

  • Can a tutor have more than one intern at a time?

  • How much leave can I take throughout my training?

  • Who do I contact if there is a problem during my internship year?

  • What do I do when I have successfully completed my training?

  • Where do I get the NPIP 6(A) form?

  • Who should sign the form if I had more than one tutor pharmacist in the same training establishment?

  • Are there any other legal requirements regarding a statutory declaration?

  • What happens if my tutor will not sign the NPIP 6(A)?

  • How do I apply to sit the Professional Registration Examination?

All forms are available from the RCSI website.

Please contact the Education Unit by email or phone (+353) (01) 2184000 with any queries you may have.