Pharmacy Roles and Responsibilities

This page contains information about role holder responsibilities within a registered pharmacy, including where there are requirements to notify changes and engage with the PSI.

Superintendent and supervising pharmacists

Pharmacies must appoint a superintendent pharmacist and supervising pharmacist as part of the registration requirements. We have information and guidance available about the roles and responsibilities of superintendent and supervising pharmacists, who must have the required experience to carry out these important patient safety roles within a pharmacy.

You must immediately notify the PSI if there are vacancies and changes to the post holders, as the holding of these positions is a condition of the registration of the pharmacy.

Notifying Changes in Superintendent Pharmacist and Supervising Pharmacist

A pharmacy owner cannot lawfully operate a pharmacy without a superintendent and supervising pharmacist. The pharmacy owner is required to immediately advise the PSI of a change in superintendent and supervising pharmacist. The information provided will ensure that the register kept by the PSI is updated to reflect the change in personnel.

Changes and appointments of supervising and superintendent pharmacists must be completed in the PSI online registration portal. 

A detailed description of all steps in this process can be found here.

What should a Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacist do?

The superintendent pharmacist and supervising pharmacist will be notified in their registration portal profile if they have been added or removed as a supervising or superintended pharmacist. 

Extended Leave of Absence- Supervising Pharmacist

If a supervising pharmacist is on extended leave of absence, a new supervising pharmacist must be appointed. If you have any queries in relation to this, please email

Company Secretary

Company secretaries, and those with legal authority for pharmacies, have responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information provided to the PSI in the registration and continued registration of a pharmacy. Where a pharmacy is owned by a company or another type of corporate body as defined in the Companies Act 2014, continued registration of the pharmacy must be completed by the Company Secretary, a Director, or another person legally authorised to act on behalf of the pharmacy ownership. This ensures that the information provided has been approved by those who are legally responsible and accountable as the pharmacy owner. In particular, the Company secretary is responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of the company and must ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Pharmacy continued registration is completed online by accessing the PSI online registration portal.