Steps to take when the post of Supervising Pharmacist is vacant in a pharmacy

Step 1: Notifying a vacancy

When a supervising pharmacist vacates their position, it is the responsibility of the company secretary or nominated person to inform the PSI of this change in staffing.

The company secretary or nominated person for the pharmacy must access their account on the PSI registration portal, open up the employment record of the pharmacy to be amended, and add the end date of the employment contract of the supervising pharmacist. This action will inform the PSI of the vacancy and must be completed immediately after the end date.

Please note that longer absences, such as maternity leave or extended sick leave, constitute a vacancy, and PSI must be informed.

If, for some reason, this action is not completed by the company secretary, the pharmacist leaving the position may send an email to, informing PSI of the change in their employment. The pharmacy’s name and registration number should be included in this communication.

Step 2: Submitting an application on the PSI registration portal

When a new supervising pharmacist is nominated, the company secretary or the nominated person for the pharmacy must submit an application to nominate the pharmacist through their account on the PSI registration portal.

Payment must be completed as part of the online application, either by bank card or as an electronic bank transfer (EFT). For an EFT payment, download the Fee Demand Notice (FDN) at the end of the application process; this includes information on the fee to be paid and PSI bank details. The FDN number must be added as reference text to the bank transfer. If you do not include the FDN in the payment reference, you can send an email to with the application number and payment details to prevent any delays in processing your submitted application.

Step 3: The nominated pharmacist must confirm their appointment/role change

The nominated supervising pharmacist, or superintendent pharmacist for those appointments, will receive an email from the PSI and will be notified in their online registration profile if they have been added or removed as a supervising or superintended pharmacist. It is necessary to confirm their new appointment and complete the required mandatory declarations. The application cannot be processed by PSI until this step is completed.