Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacist

Pharmacies must appoint a superintendent pharmacist and supervising pharmacist as part of the registration requirements. You must immediately notify the PSI if either of these roles changes, as the holding of these positions by appropriate pharmacists is a condition of the registration of the pharmacy.

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Notifying Changes in Superintendent Pharmacist and Supervising Pharmacist

What should the pharmacy owner do?

A pharmacy owner cannot lawfully operate a pharmacy without a superintendent and supervising pharmacist. The pharmacy owner is required to immediately advise the PSI of a change in superintendent and/or supervising pharmacist, as set out under the Pharmacy Act 2007. The information provided will ensure that the register kept by the PSI is updated to reflect the change in personnel.

You can appoint a new supervising or superintendent pharmacist in the PSI online registration portal.

What should a Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacist do?

The superintendent pharmacist and supervising pharmacist will be notified in their registration portal profile if they have been added or removed as a supervising or superintended pharmacist. 

Extended Leave of Absence- Supervising Pharmacist

If a supervising pharmacist is on extended leave of absence, a new supervising pharmacist must be appointed. If you have any queries in relation to this, please email to

Other Changes

You can also make other staffing changes in the PSI online registration portal.