First-Time Registration

Anyone wishing to open a retail pharmacy business must apply to register that pharmacy at least 60 days before it is opened, and have the application processed (including new opening inspection), and registered in accordance with statutory rules before it may operate.

To request a First Registration Application form please contact the PSI at or call +353 (0)1 2184000

The current fee for application for first-time registration of a retail pharmacy business is €3,325.

Where an application is received less than 60 days before the proposed opening date, a late fee of €1,000 (total fee €4,325) will be applied.

Application Process

In the application to register a pharmacy, the pharmacy owner must provide:

  • Details of the ownership of the pharmacy
  • The services it intends to provide
  • Details of all personnel, particularly the pharmacists employed or engaged
  • A map of the location of the pharmacy
  • Floor plans of the pharmacy, indicating the dimensions of the dispensary and professional services area, and the location of the patient consultation area
  • Evidence of the insurance or indemnity cover
  • In the case of a pharmacy which is owned by a company, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum and Articles of Association or Constitution
  • Appointment Forms for Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacists

Certificates of Registration

As soon as practicable after registration or continued registration, the PSI will issue a certificate of registration to a pharmacy owner. This certificate will be valid for 12 months from the date of registration.

The certificates of registration of the retail pharmacy business and of the supervising pharmacist must be prominently displayed in the pharmacy at all times.

Publication of Register Details

Following registration of the pharmacy, the following details will appear in the online public register on the PSI website:

  • Name of Retail Pharmacy Business
  • Address of Retail Pharmacy Business
  • Registration Number of Retail Pharmacy Business
  • Name of Pharmacy Owner
  • Name of Superintendent Pharmacist
  • Name of Supervising Pharmacist
  • Date of expiry of the Retail Pharmacy Business Certificate of Registration


Details of the procedures for applications for first-time registration as a pharmacy are set out in the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Retail Pharmacy Business) (Registration) Rules 2008 

Regulations made under Section 18 of the Pharmacy Act 2007, the Regulation of Retail Pharmacy Businesses Regulations 2008 govern the operation of a pharmacy. These regulations cover the staff, premises, equipment, record-keeping and procedures of a pharmacy and include regulations in relation to the supply and counselling of both prescription and non-prescription medicines.

For related information, see the guidance issued by the PSI to assist pharmacists and pharmacy owners in their compliance with the Retail Pharmacy Business Regulations 2008.