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PSI Newsletter: Issue 7, 2017

  • Complaint and inquiry resources
  • Confidential support for health practitioners
  • Updated guidelines
  • Reminder: Dispensing Zantac Syrup to Minors
  • Patient Charter
  • Pharmacy Assessment System- cycle 3
  • Inspections focused on the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service
  • Immunisation guideline updates
  • Eating disorder resource - Bodywhys
  • Reporting suspected side-effects

PSI Newsletter: Issue 6, 2017

  • Preparing for the Children First Act - information for pharmacists and pharmacies
  • New guidance on Safe Prescribing and Dispensing of Controlled Drugs for pharmacists and doctors
  • End of the National Pharmacy Internship Programme
  • PSI resources highlighted
  • Consultation on PSI guidance
  • Recent regulatory notices from PSI
  • Continued registration reminder for year end
  • Recent participation in our focus groups - thank you!

PSI Newsletter: Issue 5, 2017

  • New ways to engage with the PSI
  • National Pharmacy Internship Programme update
  • ePortfolio and Practice Review
  • Valproate Containing Medicines and Pregnancy
  • Distribution of Guidelines
  • Invitation to all pharmacists
  • Change to registrant log-in
  • Flu vaccination updates for pharmacy
  • Importance of patient leaflets highlighted
  • Council minutes

PSI Newsletter: Issue 4, 2017

  • Pharmacy Practice - Your questions answered
  • Appointments to PSI Council
  • Dispensing Zantac Syrup
  • Pharmacist Training
  • ePortfolio Review
  • Integrated Master's Degree updates
  • Pharmacy Assessment System
  • Fitness to Practise Outcome
  • Recruitment Notice- Senior Pharmacist
  • Council Minutes

PSI Newsletter: Issue 3, 2017

  • Learning from Fitness to Practise Inquiries
  • PSI Guidelines and Inspectors Advice Updated
  • Z-Drugs in the Misuse of Drugs Regulations
  • Code of Conduct Review
  • Fitness to Practise Outcomes
  • European Professional Identity Card
  • PSI and Medical Council Joint Guidance
  • Methotrexate Update
  • Language requirements changed for registration
  • Notifying changes of superintendent and supervising pharmacist in your pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Assessment System
  • Council Minutes

PSI Newsletter: Issue 2, 2017

  • Inspection Findings 2016
  • Domperidone Test Purchase Results
  • Definition of a Patient Facing Pharmacist
  • Learning from Fitness to Practise Inquiries
  • Supply of Emergency Medicines to a 'Listed Organisation'
  • Fitness to Practise Outcome
  • Code of Conduct Review
  • PSI Customer Charter online
  • Misuse of Drugs Regulations
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Vacancies on PSI Council
  • Pharmacy Assessment Information Events

PSI Newsletter: Issue 1, 2017

  • Council Appointments
  • Learning from Fitness to Practise Inquiries
  • Future Pharmacy Practice Video
  • Pharmacy Assessment System Events
  • Clinical Guidelines for Opioid Substitution Treatment 
  • Fitness to Practise Outcomes
  • CPD Opportunities
  • Council Minutes

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