PSI Newsletter

The PSI Newsletter is an email communication that contains patient safety and regulatory information, learning and development opportunities, and resources of interest to pharmacists, pharmacy owners and all those working in pharmacy-related roles, and wider stakeholders. The newsletter is sent automatically to PSI registrants. We welcome all others to sign up here to be added to the subscriber list.

PSI Newsletter: Issue 4, 2023

  • End of Year Message from the Registrar
  • Update on the Expert Taskforce to Support the Expansion of  Pharmacist Roles
  • PSI Pharmacist Workforce Survey 2023
  • Extension of the Children’s Flu Vaccination Programme 2023/24
  • Approval of the HSE’s National Immunisation Office training in respect of Nuvaxovid XBB.1.5 vaccine
  • ePortfolio Review 2023/2024 Reminder
  • Antimicrobial Resistance-Resources and Training for Pharmacists 
  • Repackaging of Solpadeine Soluble Tablets™ (60 pack) for Sale to Patients and the Public
  • Inspection Insights from 2023
  • Findings from Investigations in 2023
  • Inspections Focused on Vaccination Services
  • Ireland's first World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative assessment report
  • Fitness to Practise and Mediation Outcomes

PSI Newsletter: Issue 3, 2023

  • Launch of the Workforce Intelligence Report
  • Department of Health Expert Taskforce to support the expansion of the role of pharmacists
  • Findings of specialist surveyor exercise on codeine products
  • Vaccination Guidance 2023/2024
  • COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza vaccination information
  • Fitness to Practise and Mediation Outcomes
  • Single Use Plastics – Advice for Pharmacy Owners and Pharmacy Purchasing
  • Safe sales of paracetamol - new information campaign
  • Antimicrobial Resistance - useful resources
  • Development of PSI’s ICT Strategy 2024-2027 - Survey
  • Information on applications and renewal for Internet Supply List
  • Recruitment: Vacancy for a Strategic Policy and Research Coordinator

PSI Newsletter: Issue 2, 2023

  • PSI governance updates: appointments to the PSI Council, PSI meeting with the Minister for Health
  • Publication of reform of Pharmacy Act position paper
  • Update on Emerging Risks to Future Pharmacy Workforce project and report approval
  • PSI welcomes HEA report on building capacity in higher education for pharmacy programmes
  • Learning from a PSI inquiry
  • Fitness to Practise outcomes
  • Approval of CPD model for pharmaceutical assistants
  • Valproate (Epilim▼) materials for patients
  • Medication errors when labelling products
  • COVID-19 Immunisation Programme Update
  • Steps to take for change of supervising pharmacist
  • Update on bank details for registration payments
  • Internet Supply List moving online
  • Our Annual Report 2022 and Corporate Strategy extension
  • Core Competency Framework for Pharmacists
  • PSI events survey- have your say
  • Recruitment: Disciplinary Committee membership and career opportunities with PSI
  • Making a Protected Disclosure

PSI Newsletter: Issue 1, 2023

  • Notice of pharmacist candidates for Council election
  • Pharmacist involvement in vaccination programmes
  • Workforce project update
  • Participation in HEA Advisory Panel
  • Learning from a PSI Inquiry
  • Patient consultation areas - compliance reminder
  • Codeine guidelines reminder
  • Empowering all pharmacists to deliver antimicrobial stewardship
  • Core Competency Framework update
  • Fitness to Practise outcomes
  • Updates to vaccination and emergency medicines training information
  • NIO training module approved for Comirnaty 3 mcg/dose
  • PSI online services - reducing paper/digital first approach
  • Benzodiazepine and Z-Drug resources
  • Recap of recent emails from PSI to registrants

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